Is it selfish to do self-care when the world is crazy?

The world is crazy right now. There are some true stressors. They may be close to you or you might be hearing it on the news.

I’ve found myself wondering if it’s the right time to launch a mindful eating program. Maybe I should put my efforts elsewhere?

But here’s what I keep coming back to – the words of Wayne Dyer. And I’m conveying the spirit of what he said, more than quoting the exact words: 

“You can’t be sick enough to heal one other person. 
You can’t be stressed enough to make someone else feel peaceful.
You can’t be poor enough to make others rich.”
Here’s what I know. When I am meditating, spending time outside, sleeping well, eating well, and exercising, that’s when I have energy to be of service. That’s when I have the most to give.

And I know you do too. 

So be kind to yourself. Take some time to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Do what makes you feel good.

And then do what matters.
Tell me what you’re doing to care for yourself in the blog comments below. I’d like to know!

Buying the best chicken and eggs

You want to do the right thing when it comes to buying food, right? Meaning you want to choose healthy foods that are good for your body, your family, the birds, the bees, and the planet.

Me too! 

That’s why I interviewed Ryan Merck, who is an expert in organic agriculture and organic certifications. If you missed the introduction to this series of videos, find it here.

This week’s lesson is all about chicken and eggs, and what labels to look for in the grocery store.

Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know:

  1. Buy local whenever you can, from a farm where you can see the chickens walking around, doing what chickens do…scratching the dirt, pecking at bugs, clucking, etc.
  2. If in the grocery store, look for these three labels: USDA Organic, American Humane Certified, and Animal Welfare Approved.
  3. The organizations behind American Humane Certified and Animal Welfare Approved have set rules about “stocking densities,” which means the chickens will not be crammed in too tightly. And the Animal Welfare Approved label applies for any livestock you might buy from a farm.

Here’s what those logos look like so you can find them easily in the store.


Check out what Ryan had to say on this topic in this seven-minute video.

If you want to know more about choosing real, whole, quality foods that are also good for the planet, check out my e-course Five Star Eating! When you join, you join for life, and have access to two “reboots” per year with me and all the Five Star graduates. It’s amazing what you can do with community support!

What you really need to know about organic food

Have you wondered if buying organic food is really worth the money? Or if you can truly trust the organic certification, and wondered what it means (behind the scenes)?

I am so excited to share with you a series of videos, taken from an interview with Ryan Merck. Ryan is an expert in organic agriculture and organic farming certifications. He’s worked for four organic certifying agencies. In these roles, he reviewed farms’ organic system plans and visited the farms to make sure that they are not only following the USDA guidelines, but also that they will be successful in their efforts to farm organically.

In this first video, Ryan explains:

  • the difference between managing pesticides and  managing ecosystems
  • the impact of mono-agriculture (farming all one crop on  large amounts of land)
  • can the USDA organic certification be trusted?
  • what products and practices are allowed and not allowed on organic farms

So if you’ve been wondering, hear it here and now!

In future videos (as soon as I get them edited), learn all about labeling on chickens and eggs, GMOs, bees, compost and more!

Here are some related links for more details on what we talked about in the interview.

What substances are allowed/prohibited on organic farms?

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or ask some questions!
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These hips were made for walking

Ever feel a little “gunked up” in your hips? Stiff? Like maybe after a summer road trip, plane trip, boat trip, or sitting around the table too long with family and friends? Or maybe just after working at your desk?

Even though I teach yoga and fitness for a living, and I have the amazing blessing to move most of the day, I sometimes feel stiff too!

Here’s a quick and very effective stretch to help you move your hips in all the directions they need to go for walking:

  • forward and back
  • side to side
  • right and left rotation

We do the stretch from a “walking stance,” so even just standing still in that position will help open up your hips.

This stretch feels good for almost all of my students. If it doesn’t feel good to you, try doing it with your forward foot up on a step or chair.

The video below is 1 minute 10 seconds. You and your hips deserve it!
Follow along and then let me know if one minute of stretching made a difference.

What’s really important?

It’s a full life. We are all busy.

But what’s really important? 

This week I had the opportunity to be with my meditation teacher Roy Eugene Davis at the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Lakemont, Georgia. Every time I am in Roy’s presence and read his publications, I hear his consistent message – what’s really important is to grow spiritually and be of service in the world.

I typically leave Roy’s place with a renewed commitment to daily meditation. I know it’s the #1 most important action step for me to improve in all areas of my life. When I am meditating daily, I feel more peaceful, creative, kind, energized, and happy. Then I can be of better service in the world.

And then I get busy, and don’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to it.

Today I’m making another start, and I’m inviting you to join me in your own way…

What one thing could you do (or not do) EVERY DAY to help yourself feel more peaceful, centered and happy?

Please share your comments here or in the Choose Joyful Health Facebook group. Let’s support each other to do what matters.

Please enjoy this five minute video tour of the Center for Spiritual Awareness. You might feel more peaceful just by watching! Learn more about Roy Davis and CSA at