Free Five Day Challenge to MINDFULLY choose healthy foods – forever! #EatonPurpose

In this Free, Live 5-Day Challenge starting March 12, I will help you use MINDFULNESS to:


Find Ease in Eating Healthy for the Rest of Your Life, without Stumbling in the Doubt and Confusion that Derail You


Feel Confident and at Peace with Your Food Choices, without Feeling Deprived or Too Rigid


Learn how to get over the obstacles of:
Temptations, Stress, Schedule and Social Situations and how to press the RESET BUTTON when you've already had some treats!

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NEW _ JUST ADDED Local Kick-Off event Sunday, March 11 at 3:30-4:30 pm! Free Mindful Eating Seminar at Mel-O Yoga, 803B Poinsett Street, Greer.



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joan-bioAbout your host

Hello! I’m Joan. I've helped lots of students use mindfulness to achieve their health and wellness goals. Mindfulness is the tool that helps us do what we already know is good for us!   I’ll be teaching some simple, powerful mindfulness techniques that you can use right away to make healthy food choices, consistently. 

I can’t WAIT to see you in the challenge.