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Managing Stress Resource Kit

Choose Joyful Health Lifestyle

1) Simple choices make a difference.
2) Every moment I have a choice! It is up to me.
3) In this moment, I choose joy and I choose health.
4) Thank you, I receive ______. (Practice gratitude)

Joyful Health Top Seven Free Stress Busters (and how to do them in real life!)

Stand up and Move
 When you answer the phone
 Before something important
 When you feel stuck
 Wear comfortable shoes
 Walk and talk meetings
 Outside of work, do something you like. (get dressed for it)
 Cardio is the magic pill for body mind spirit health.

Take Three Breaths
Before you drive or When you get somewhere (in the car)
 Before you eat
 While you are walking to the bathroom, going to the bathroom or washing your hands
 It’s always a good idea!
 Bonus – Use finger digits for counting rhythm.

Drink Water
 When you wake up
 In the car, with a straw
 Carry a bottle, Add fruit
 Use glass or metal bottles.
 Don’t drink your calories (except milk/smoothies/soup).
 Make it a habit to always order water at restaurant.
 Play the Joyful Health Drinking Game! (Drink water when around negative people)

Communicate with Care
 Monitor your speech (to self and others) – ask someone to help you.
 Slow down and listen
 Give sincere compliments
 Offer a handshake, a pat on the back, eye contact and smiles
 What can I do to make your day better?
 Manage your stress and help other people do it too.
 Be kinder than necessary because you never know what burden people are carrying.
 Play peaceful, beautiful music

Take a Phone BREAK
Turn it OFF! and/or use Do Not Disturb
 When you go to sleep (2 hours before you go to sleep)
 In meetings
 While driving, lock it in the trunk
 When you are listening
 When you go into someone else’s home
 When you are home and all your loved ones are safe
 While you eat
 Around children
 Change your settings for beeps, red flags (!), and notifications

Be a Nutritarian
Eat five one-half cup servings of vegetables
 Vegetables at breakfast (make ahead smoothie pac or veggie muffins)
 *If you are not hungry at breakfast take it with you.
 Chopped raw vegetables in ziploc bags
 Order double side of vegetables for at least one meal
 Ask someone at work to help you do it

Anchor Your Habits
1) Practice creating positive emotion when you are not stressed, when you are safe. “Go to your happy place.”
2) Create an anchor to match your positive emotion. Anything that can be repeated easily and often in public.
3) Practice the anchor with your positive emotion/positive feeling and wire the two together in your brain, body, breath, and belief system.
4) Teach this to someone else and ask them to help you do it.
5) Anchor new habits to existing ones (example, stand up when you answer the phone.)
I have many more great tips and tools to make healthy choices easy and fun.

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