Three Simple Steps to Reset your Mindset

Today is the Summer Solstice, first day of summer, longest day of the year. It’s the half-way point of our calendar, and it’s the day with the most light. For me, the equinoxes and solstices are not only important markers of Mother Nature’s seasonal shifts, but also times to reflect on how I am living my life.

Here are three simple steps to reset your mindset, on the solstice or anytime. Each of these steps is a neuromuscular activity, which means it grows more helpful pathways between your brain and body, your thoughts and your actions.

  1. Release old burdens, fears, and doubts. Water is ideal for purification. One quick way to let go: Think about what you want to release while washing your hands.
  2. Be grateful for what is.  One quick way to do it:  Walking Mantra – with each step say “Thank you Thank you Thank you.”
  3. Plant a seed for new growth. Write down the new attitude or behavior.

Watch the video here:

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