Thank you for BOOSTing!

You’re ready, willing, and able to make awesome changes and progress. I’m excited and honored to help you.

Let’s do it!

Welcome to Week 0
It starts when you register and lasts until we start Week 1.
In this case Week 1 starts June 6, 2016.

Week 0 Activities & Assignments

Here’s what you can do to get started. If you want to wait and start on Week 1, that’s fine too! You might be really busy up until Week 1, or just not mentally ready to tackle all this yet. I give it you now in case you are ready and want some positive action steps now.


  • First let’s measure where you are today. Please download and fill out the CJH New Client Intake. You can type on it, or print it and write on it. You can bring it to me in person, scan and email, or get it back to me in any other form you like. The important thing is to have a baseline of your current situation and needs, wants and desires.
  • Schedule 90-120 minute Week 1 assessment during the week of June 6. Here’s the online calendar link. Here’s more info about that… Wear workout clothes and be prepared to work both in bare feet and athletic shoes. This will not be a hard workout, but we will be moving and assessing how you move. This is the best opportunity to address any physical pains, limitations, or injuries that might be holding you back. During this session, I will take postural photos, as well as video of you walking and doing certain movements. These help me develop your Personal Movement Plan to keep you moving well and feeling great!
  • Download healthy eating and shopping guides, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Start tracking everything you eat and drink. You can use an app that you already have and like, or try these methods: 1) MyPlate app or website by Live Strong, or 2) Take a photo of everything before you eat or drink it. We will review in our Weeks 1 and 2 meetings.
  • Download the Edufii app and/or visit the Edufii website to sign up as an athlete. We will use this app to keep all our correspondence in one place.
  • A word about goals…I encourage you to dream big and imagine you truly are AT YOUR BEST! The more you can imagine, feel, and believe in this version of you, the better. Many world-class athletes, performers, and musicians mentally rehearse their performances over and over to later excel in execution. Take their example and apply it to your goals. The most important thing is to keep your goal constantly present, visible, and real to your eyes,  heart and mind. We’ll work more on this as we go.
  • Once again, congratulations for taking this important step!
  • Contact me with any questions! or (864) 561-5925 (I’m working like crazy and then on vacation from May 18-May 31, but I will be available and back in action June 1!)