#1 Top Favorite Absolute Best Yoga Pose When I’m Tired

Sometimes we have a lot of energy, and sometimes we don’t.

I have learned, and am learning, to listen to my body and rest when I am tired. The times that I haven’t – when I pushed through a more vigorous yoga practice or workout – I have gotten injured.

It’s nice to have some proactive and productive things to do even when we are tired.

Legs up the wall pose (Viparita Karani in Sanskrit) is my #1 Top Favorite Absolute Best Yoga Pose when I’m tired. It relieves fatigue in my legs and restores my energy.

Here’s how to do it.
1) Sit sideways at the wall, with one hip near the wall.  If you can’t get on the floor, do this in your bed.
2) Swivel your legs up the wall and your spine perpendicular to the wall. on the solstice or anytime.
3) Adjust your spacing from the wall so that your legs can be straight, close together, and your entire pelvis is on the floor.
4) If you have them, use yoga blankets to elevate your hips, keeping abdomen parallel to the floor.
5) Stay as long as you like, 5-20 minutes is ideal.

*This is comfortable for almost all of my students, but not every single one. If you have scoliosis or another type of curve in your spine, you may need a higher lift under your pelvis to be comfortable. You might also feel better resting your calves on the seat of a chair instead.

See how to do it in the 26 second video below.

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