Five Star Eating – Harness your body’s wisdom to make empowered choices for the rest of your life.

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five-starFive Star Eating is a transformational program that helps you not only choose healthy foods, but also adopt a mindful, conscious lifestyle.

You learn how to harness your body’s wisdom to make empowered choices for the rest of your life. 

It’s about way more than food. 

It’s about “listening in” to what you need, and choosing what makes you feel good.

You learn what to eat, and HOW to eat, and how to set up your brain, your relationships, your investments, and your mindset for success.

This makes it simple, and with time, easy –  to stay true to yourself despite external challenges: stress, social settings, and busy schedules.

You choose the foods that make you feel good for the long-term so that you can feel good, look good and have energy to do what’s important to you.


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I love that Joan understands we all have a lot of pressures and issues in our day to day lives, and she tries to give us actionable information that is realistic to apply. At the same time, she conveys a sense of urgency about what we really need to get right — or else!

Kathy DesMarteau