Free Five Day Challenge to MINDFULLY choose healthy foods – forever! #EatonPurpose

In this Free, Live 5-Day Challenge starting August 28, I will help you use MINDFULNESS to:


Find Ease in Eating Healthy for the Rest of Your Life, without Stumbling in the Doubt and Confusion that Derail You


Feel Confident and at Peace with Your Food Choices, without Feeling Deprived or Too Rigid


Learn how to get over the obstacles of:
Temptations, Stress, Schedule and Social Situations and how to press the RESET BUTTON when you’ve already had some treats!

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joan-bioAbout your host

Hello! I’m Joan. Some people call me Vitamin-J. I’ve dedicated my life to a quest for health, vitality, peace, and joy. When it comes to health and wellness, I’ve done almost all of it – yoga, personal training, group fitness, corporate coaching, and public speaking.

What I love most is helping people feel their own unique inner wisdom – and letting that inner guidance shape their daily choices on a path to joyful health. I love helping people take simple, practical action steps – because it really is true that the little choices add up to big change!

I’ve helped lots of people, like you, to change their lives through positive health action plans. Together, we figure out what works for Your Real (Busy) Life. I recognize and respect that you have a lot of demands on your time, so we focus on the most important action steps that get you results, and ENJOY LIFE while you do it.


I can’t WAIT to see you in the challenge.