These hips were made for walking

Ever feel a little “gunked up” in your hips? Stiff? Like maybe after a summer road trip, plane trip, boat trip, or sitting around the table too long with family and friends? Or maybe just after working at your desk?

Even though I teach yoga and fitness for a living, and I have the amazing blessing to move most of the day, I sometimes feel stiff too!

Here’s a quick and very effective stretch to help you move your hips in all the directions they need to go for walking:

  • forward and back
  • side to side
  • right and left rotation

We do the stretch from a “walking stance,” so even just standing still in that position will help open up your hips.

This stretch feels good for almost all of my students. If it doesn’t feel good to you, try doing it with your forward foot up on a step or chair.

The video below is 1 minute 10 seconds. You and your hips deserve it!
Follow along and then let me know if one minute of stretching made a difference.

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