What you really need to know about organic food

Have you wondered if buying organic food is really worth the money? Or if you can truly trust the organic certification, and wondered what it means (behind the scenes)?

I am so excited to share with you a series of videos, taken from an interview with Ryan Merck. Ryan is an expert in organic agriculture and organic farming certifications. He’s worked for four organic certifying agencies. In these roles, he reviewed farms’ organic system plans and visited the farms to make sure that they are not only following the USDA guidelines, but also that they will be successful in their efforts to farm organically.

In this first video, Ryan explains:

  • the difference between managing pesticides and  managing ecosystems
  • the impact of mono-agriculture (farming all one crop on  large amounts of land)
  • can the USDA organic certification be trusted?
  • what products and practices are allowed and not allowed on organic farms

So if you’ve been wondering, hear it here and now!

In future videos (as soon as I get them edited), learn all about labeling on chickens and eggs, GMOs, bees, compost and more!

Here are some related links for more details on what we talked about in the interview.

What substances are allowed/prohibited on organic farms?

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