Is it selfish to do self-care when the world is crazy?

The world is crazy right now. There are some true stressors. They may be close to you or you might be hearing it on the news.

I’ve found myself wondering if it’s the right time to launch a mindful eating program. Maybe I should put my efforts elsewhere?

But here’s what I keep coming back to – the words of Wayne Dyer. And I’m conveying the spirit of what he said, more than quoting the exact words: 

“You can’t be sick enough to heal one other person. 
You can’t be stressed enough to make someone else feel peaceful.
You can’t be poor enough to make others rich.”
Here’s what I know. When I am meditating, spending time outside, sleeping well, eating well, and exercising, that’s when I have energy to be of service. That’s when I have the most to give.

And I know you do too. 

So be kind to yourself. Take some time to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Do what makes you feel good.

And then do what matters.
Tell me what you’re doing to care for yourself in the blog comments below. I’d like to know!

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