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Tell me what you want to do and how you want to feel.

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Make an overall wellness plan - and then do it!



Make healthy food choices without obsessing about food


Yoga & Healing Movement

Come to yoga class or schedule a personal movement session.


Two Month VIP Coaching - BOOST Program

If you want expert guidance in making your own path to joyful health, let’s do it! My method works because…We base choices on eternal, truthful principles and simple, effective strategies. My recommendations are backed by science and personal experience.

Five Star Eating (Six Week Online Course)

It’s about way more than food. It’s about “listening in” to what you need, and choosing what makes you feel good.  You learn what to eat, and HOW to eat, and how to set up your brain, your relationships, your investments, and your mindset for success.

Yoga with Joan

You can feel flexible, balanced, and calm, even if you think you're too stiff or too rowdy for yoga. Find out about group classes, one-on-one yoga therapy, and an audio yoga class that you can take anywhere!

What My Students Say...

I love that Joan understands we all have a lot of pressures and issues in our day to day lives, and she tries to give us actionable information that is realistic to apply. At the same time, she conveys a sense of urgency about what we really need to get right -- or else!

Kathy DesMarteau

My favorite part was learning about all the crap in food!! And being more conscious of feeding my body with the good stuff.

Patti Brady