How to choose healthy foods for the long-term to feel good, look good and have energy, without feeling deprived, stressing about food, or getting derailed by obstacles.

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You are doing your best!

And you know you could make better choices if you only had more time, or had a shorter commute, or didn’t socialize...

and prepared and enjoyed homemade meals every day....

and never ate in your car, at your computer, or in a hurry, or at the food truck….

But that's not your real life!!

You want to fit in meaningful work, relationships, rest, and fun.

Sometimes you sacrifice sleep to fit it all in, and sometimes your number of not-so-good meals creeps higher than you'd like.

Besides being busy, stress happens! Stress can lead to crappy food, which make you feel yuck, and causes more stress.

You've got to find a way to make healthy eating the norm during this full life - and you're not hiring a full-time chef or moving off the grid to grow all your own food anytime soon.

You know what to do when you’re "being good/eating right/on the diet," but you haven't yet found the balanced approach that you can actually do forever - while feeling happy about your choices.


If you followed advice given in women's magazines, talk shows, friends and coworkers, you'd be on a different plan every month, each with their "magic" combination of carbs, proteins, and fats.

Even medical doctors contradict each other's advice in their best-selling books.


What’s needed is a realistic eating plan: based on science and quality standards, with guidance to personalize it to meet your unique needs, and a mindset shift that helps you WANT to put real, whole, nourishing foods in your body.

You might be wondering:

  • Is Paleo right for me?
  • What is a balanced diet these days?
  • What is the big deal about gluten and grains?
  • Which oils should I be using for cooking?
  • Is sugar evil?
  • What is the anti-inflammatory diet?
  • Should I spend the extra money for organic eggs, or is free range good enough?
  • I know eating fish is good, but what about the mercury?
  • When is it OK to use "moderation in all things," and when should I "just say no"?
  • Can I eat well and still have a life?
  • Am I finally ready to make this change for good?

 Imagine if you could:

Make informed empowered choices for the rest of your life with ease and grace.
Feel awesome with simple and habitual food choices that are based on science and core values.
Harness your inner wisdom - through mindfulness - so that you can handle external stressors and obstacles that derailed you in the past.
Raise the bar on your food choices and raise the bar in your life.
Stay true to yourself and give yourself the nourishment you deserve.
Do it in real life - like when you are busy, or decide to indulge, or are just not up for cooking.


It's about way more than food.

It's about "listening in" to what you need, and choosing what makes you feel good.

You learn what to eat, and HOW to eat, and how to set up your brain, your relationships, your investments, and your mindset for success.

This makes it simple, and with time, easy - to stay true to yourself despite external challenges: stress, social settings, and busy schedules.

The truth is

  • You need a simple and realistic eating plan that is based on science.
  • You’ve got be empowered to customize that plan to meet your needs - for your unique body, schedule, social life, family, culture, and tastes. And to improvise when life is not going perfectly!
  • You’ve got to learn how to trust yourself, to listen to your body’s needs and to feel at peace with your choices.
  • You've got to let go of some old beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back.

Otherwise your eating will be inconsistent, and your results will be too. 



Knowledge +


Mindfulness +


Core Values

= Personalized Five Star Eating

= Results You Want

Here’s what works

  • Making choices based on clear personal standards
  • Choosing what makes you feel good good long-term
  • Paying attention so that you start to WANT those healthy foods most of the time anyway. The cravings for “crap food” eventually go away.
  • Being part of a community of people who are striving for the same goals you are

The problem is, most people are deeply entrenched in beliefs like:

“Clean your plate so that you can have dessert.”

- This teaches us to eat past fullness so that we can eat more, and that sugary foods have a higher value than everything else.

Notice that "desserts" spelled backwards is "stressed."

“Calories in, calories out”

- The more recent studies show that the QUALITY of our food choices matter, not just the quantity of calories.

"The overly simplistic arithmetic of calories in vs. calories out has given way to the more nuanced understanding that it's the composition of a person's diet--rather than how much of it they can burn off working out--that sustains weight loss." - Time Magazine*

“If you can’t lose weight and stay healthy, you just don’t have enough willpower or motivation. You must not really want it.”

- The truth is that biology and psychology are on a two-way street. It’s not simply mind over matter. In fact, our bodies determine how we think and feel a lot of the time. "Diets" don't work long-term because a set of food rules does not address how we think and feel!

"Mindfulness appears to work by an increased awareness of internal, rather than external, cues to eat." **

We’ve never been taught how to change our mindsets, and we certainly haven’t been taught about all the scary crap that’s in packaged foods.

I’ll teach you both.

You only need to do one simple action step at a time.

In the six weeks it takes you to complete Five Star Eating, you’ll know what to eat, why it’s important, how to make it happen in your real life, and perhaps most importantly -

you’ll have made the necessary upgrades to CHANGE YOUR BIOLOGY AND YOUR BELIEFS and make it easier to sustain this lifestyle from now on.

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Hi, I’m Joan Craig, and I’m a health geek.

Constantly seeking the best methods to get results, I tinkered with my own diet for over ten years. If you’ve heard of it, I likely researched it and tried it. Vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, pescatarian, paleo, primal, pegan (yes, really!), etc.

I found out which foods helped my own health - through study, consultations with registered dieticians and medical doctors, and trial and error.

At the same time, I got frustrated watching people struggle - trying unsuccessfully to make changes in their bodies through exercise alone.  It became clear to me that to change shape and overall health, exercise was not enough.  I wanted to help people with food.

I also found out that most people are missing a really important piece - mindfulness. Most people are not PAYING ATTENTION to their food, and their communication and beliefs about food.

So I started organizing my thoughts and sharing my strategies with others. Since then, my clients have achieved:

  • smaller circumferences in waist, arms, hips and thighs
  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • decreased dependence on pharmaceutical drugs
  • decreased cravings for sugar

They tell me that they feel they can do this for the rest of their lives. It's not a diet; it's just making informed choices every day.

Five Star Eating currently has over 80 research sources quoted, and I continue to read and learn to make your life easier.

I made Five Star Eating for myself, my family, clients and students. I hope you'll be a new Five Star Eater. You can find out more about me and read my professional credentials here.

Joan has inspired me to care about my health again and to be more accepting of who I am. Five Star Eating has revitalized my interest in healthy meals not only by introducing me to new foods and new techniques for preparation but also by providing convincing scientific background for making these changes. I’ve lost 14 pounds, started a walking habit, and lowered one of my prescription medicines. Joan has a wealth of knowledge, and if she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she will soon find out!
Maggie Downen
I’ve lost 11 lbs and have eaten more veggies than ever before. I feel like I’ve broken through a barrier against veggies. If you’re considering Five Star Eating, go for it! It helped me tremendously.
Mary Ellen Kocopi
I’m paying more attention to what I eating and how it affects my body. If you're thinking about Five Star Eating...Do it! Joan is organized, informed and compassionate.
Carolyn Echols
I have more knowledge about healthy and unhealthy fats and other foods in general. I’ve used that knowledge in food choices. I also gained muscle and lost a few pounds. Five Star Eating is a great way to learn about healthy eating and ways to use the best foods every day.
Cindy Pipes
Five Star Eating is the direct path to:
Overall health, vitality, energy
Healthy weight and body composition;
Feeling good and looking good! (shape, skin, hair, nails)

Here’s what’s inside Five Star Eating: Every choice is informed by three core values -


Quality (that's what to eat)


Attention (that's how to eat)


Nature (choose foods close to their natural state, and personalize the program to suit your nature)

  • Assessments: We measure your current nutrition levels and daily habits - without counting calories - so that we can implement Five Star Eating steps in a safe and practical way.
  • Core Values: Understand the three key core values and how to apply them in your life.
  • Scientific Research v. Personal Experience: Learn when and how to rely on studies and when to go with your gut.
  • Alcohol, Temptations and Trigger Foods: Define your boundaries
  • Fat loss goals: What you really need to watch
  • Gut health - Learn how to use fermented/probiotic foods for ideal health
  • A fast and effective mindfulness tool to ensure you give your body what it needs.
  • Food Prep for Busy People: the bare minimum of shopping and prepping you can do to have a Five Star week
  • How to think like a nutritarian
  • Apply the core value of quality and choose foods with a high nutrition to calorie ratio (most bang for your buck)
  • Complete one simple action step to eat better than 77% of Americans, and reduce your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity.
  • Pay attention and make the best choice you can, where you are, with what you've got, at the present moment.
  • Customizing for the seasons, your body type, and your goals
  • Apply the core value of pay attention by adhering to the ONLY RULE of Five Star Eating.
  • How to get through the “junkie” phase of getting off crap foods
  • Travel Guide (not just food) - How to stay happy and healthy when you travel
  • How and when to ask hard questions at restaurants, nicely
  • What you need to know about sodium, low-fat foods, and enriched flours
  • Steer clear of today's hyped diets and just eat real food.
  • Eliminate the need for shakes, powders, pills, or other expensive "food merchandise."
  • Sugar addiction and what to do about it
  • Real sugar, fake sugar, honey, Stevia, juice and fruit (yes, you can eat bananas.)
  • What you really need to know about the glycemic index chart and why you don’t need to look at the chart
  • Why grains have gotten a bad rap and how to know if they are good for you, personally
  • What modern mono-crop agriculture did for grains and how you can get around it
  • Pay attention to this one thing to change the way you think and behave - quickly.


  • Why Inflammation is worthy of all the buzz, and how it’s linked to the big, bad diseases
  • Easy, tasty choices to reduce inflammation, and you’re already 80% there.
  • A deep lesson in fats and oils that’s not too painful. YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS PART!
  • All about Omega 3s and Omega 6s
  • Which oils to cook with at home
  • Environment tweaks -at home, work and on-the-go - for success
  • What to do when your food values and standards are different from your family’s and friends’
  • Prioritize your spending - when to pay the big bucks and when to buy economy
  • What really matters at the grocery store
  • How to choose fish and seafood to avoid mercury contamination and scary “farmed fish” ingredients
  • Perspectives on GMOs/Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Making time for food (when did we stop cooking?)
  • What animals are supposed to eat when you’re going to eat them
  • Access to VIP private Facebook group, only for the Five Star Eating Community. Together we eat well, live well, and make consistent healthy choices through support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Access the Five Star Recipe archive online anytime! Each recipe is Five Star approved so you don't have to make substitutions when you use these.
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and low-sugar treats
  • When you join Five Star Eating, you have access to all future upgrades to the materials, future coaching groups, and can participate in a “reboot” of healthy eating skills anytime.

I want you to FEEL AWESOME.

Here’s the deal. I believe in Five Star Eating. This is not just a program I sell. I live it every day. I know it works. And I want you to feel good, look good and have energy to be the Absolute Best Version of You!  I promise to do my best to help you succeed.

Your body is a temple.

Five Star Eating is not only about choosing healthy foods, it’s a transformation into a conscious mindful lifestyle. If you believe your body is a temple, or you want to believe it, then I can’t wait to help you take care of that sacred space.

My favorite part was learning about all the crap in food!! And being more conscious of feeding my body with the good stuff.
patti brady
Patti Brady
I’ve lost 13 pounds and have kept it off. I learned a lot. I didn't realize all the different names for sugar. I didn't know a lot about oils either.
Lynel Hill
Joan is a wellspring of knowledge, enthusiasm, and always dancing along the cutting edge of the best ideas for staying healthy. We share a life mission to keep healthy, but she is such a beautiful teacher and inspirational and always willing to help and share.
I focus on eating more vegetables, more organic foods, and reducing my portions. You influenced me to make smart choices on a daily basis . I ask myself more questions about my well-being and health than before

Frequently Asked Questions about Five Star Eating course

Got more questions - see if they are answered here!

Feeling concerned that this may not work for you?

Here’s my satisfaction guarantee: send me your Week 0 and Week 1 completed worksheets within 14 days of purchasing the course, tell me you did your best, and I’ll give you your money back. Refunds are processed through Stripe and typically take 10 days.

You'll receive all the info you need via email in your Five Star Eating lessons. The Facebook group offers additional support. If you post a question there, I'll see it and do my best to respond. During LIVE versions of Five Star Eating - when the whole community puts forth energy to go through the steps again - I'm in the Facebook group daily and also offer additional coaching to motivate, answer questions, and help you personalize Five Star Eating for your body and your goals. You can certainly benefit from just the lessons, but being part of a bigger community is motivating and encouraging. So I hope you can do both!

The reading or listening will be quick - 10-15 minutes max - this course if for you to do in Real Life! I will provide some supplementary materials which you can go through as you have time, but you'll get the big picture in 10-15 minutes.

For food prep, I recommend you set aside at least 1-2 hours on a day or half-day off from work. How much time you spend to shop, prep, and cook really depends on your lifestyle. You can do this if you eat out a lot. It's no secret that homemade food is healthier than restaurant food, so I will challenge you to make at least some basics at home.

As mentioned above, you can make good choices wherever you are. The TRUTH  is that restaurants are in business to make money, which means they want to have low food costs. There are some that also commit to providing nourishing food. Choose those when you can. Traveling for work is a very real challenge. I'm not going to say that it's easy, but choosing quality foods is simple. I have had several clients who travel for work, and they have achieved their goals. They just had to be very clear and focused on their priorities. They also had to get in the habit of asking questions. The course will help you do the best you can at home and on the road. The Travel Well chapter will help you.

I'm a vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian/omnivore, and/or I eat Paleo/I'm gluten-intolerant. Will I benefit from this program?

If you fit in any of those categories, you are already following some pretty specific dietary guidelines. If you are happy with your diet and results, carry on! I've done them all too (really, all of them), and came up with Five Star Eating as a method and plan that I could do for the rest of my life, even while traveling, without super-rigid rules. It's what has worked for me and my clients.

Each week we have recipes that will work for almost anyone, and we offer ways to adapt them too. Almost all of our recipes are vegetarian with options to add/substitute organic animal proteins as you desire. It's easy to add animal products to a vegetarian dish that already tastes good on its own.

Vegetarian/Vegan: I know  overweight vegetarians and "junk food vegans." Do you want to include more Real, Whole,  Nutrient-dense foods in your life? Yes, Five Star Eating will help you. You can make it work with your body's needs and your conscience.

There are many ways to choose vegetarian foods such as eggs and dairy without harming animals. Five Star Eating prioritizes foods that are good for us, the animals and the earth.

Paleo/Primal: These systems have their merits in that they get people to stop eating processed food and seek the source of their foods.  Unlike these systems, Five Star Eating does not exclude any food groups, including beans and whole grains.  Again, if you are getting lots of Real, Whole, Nutrient-Dense foods in your body, carry on! If you want to expand your horizons and include more, join me for the course.

Gluten-free: Yes, Five Star Eating will work for you. Every recipe is gluten-free.

My concern with many restrictive diets is that people get attached to "The Rules" instead of following core values and principles. Five Star Eatingteaches you how to choose quality foods in any situation.

Five Star Eating focuses on eating real food and changing your food behavior. It is NOT a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the counsel of your medical doctor or registered dietician for specific diets for medical conditions. I am NOT a medical professional, and Five Star Eatingis not a medical program.

You will receive access to all Five Star materials There is nothing in place to keep you from sharing them except my US copyright and Your Ethics. I’ve worked hard to make this program amazing for you. I’m trying to get my little business off the ground so that I can learn more and help more people in a deeper way.  So I ask you to use your best judgment. Of course I want you to share these concepts and practices with your family, but please don’t give it away to all your coworkers. Tell them how great it is, and let them make an investment in their own health. They might not implement the strategies until they take action for themselves and have some skin (money) in the game. Help me succeed in business and refer your friends!

Yes, but… Yes, because I’m busy too. Did I mention that over the several years while I developed Five Star Eating, I had a (more than) full time job AND was getting my own business started? I cook because it’s important to me to eat foods that fit my quality standards, because they make me feel good, and then I can do what matters to me, like yoga and good sleep and meditation and sometimes even have a fun crazy dance party with my friends. You don’t HAVE to cook to benefit from Five Star Eating, but doing a few basics goes a long way. You can make really simple food.  And we kept the food prep SIMPLE and EASY for the non-chefs. Also you will benefit from the Travel Well segment, which will help you choose five star foods away from home.

This course is not for everybody.  Five Star Eating is not for you if:

  • You are determined to lose weight quickly at any price (sacrificing common sense and health).
  • You are not ready to let go of excuses and blaming others. (You would be able to eat healthier if it weren't for your job/spouse/kids/schedule.) Tough love, but sometimes you've got to just take responsibility for your behavior!
  • You need one-on-one help. I'm happy to give it! Contact me!

Technical FAQ You need to be able to pay for the course online - securely through Stripe. (I will accept a check if you choose to send it, and cash if you bring it to me!) Then you need to be able to open your email and open Adobe PDF documents. You can download Adobe PDF reader here for free. And be able to click on links to YouTube. Not too hard!

Register NOW for Five Star Eating
Total Amount: $240.00

*Time Magazine, The Weight Loss TrapAlexandra Sifferlin, May 25, 2017

**Nutrition Research Reviews, A structured literature review on the role of mindfulness, mindful eating and intuitive eating in changing eating behaviours: effectiveness and associated potential mechanisms. Warren JM1Smith N2Ashwell M3., July 18, 2017 

International Journal of Medical InformaticsSocial support in an Internet weight loss community, January 2010, Pages 5-13

My favorite part was learning about all the crap in food!! And being more conscious of feeding my body with the good stuff.
patti brady
Patti Brady
I lost four pounds and two inches. My knees feel better. I feel healthier & I feel full after my meals.
Bea Heberger
I love that Joan understands we all have a lot of pressures and issues in our day to day lives, and she tries to give us actionable information that is realistic to apply. At the same time, she conveys a sense of urgency about what we really need to get right — or else!
Kathy DesMarteau