Yoga with Joan

How to feel flexible, balanced, and calm, even if you think you're too stiff for yoga, or feel you can never quiet your busy mind.


but for whatever reason, it's not part of your life right now.


but feel a little intimidated about getting started.

I know what it feels like to start something new or start again.

My goal as a yoga therapist is to make it easy for you to start yoga, or deepen your practice, and start getting some of the results you're looking for....

  • flexibility and strength
  • better posture
  • balance
  • ability to let go of stress
  • peace and calm

Please join me for yoga - your way.

I strive to personalize your yoga practice (even in a group class) as I get to know you.

For me, yoga is way more than exercise.
It's about “listening in” to our bodies, and figuring out how each individual is put together in a unique way. Then you can work with your body - intelligently, holistically - and make it feel good!
We work methodically, step-by-step, one pose at a time, from the ground up.

We work together to find the unique alignment that your body needs.

And you learn which poses pick you up and which ones calm you down, so you can use yoga therapeutically for mood, energy and sleep.

This makes it safe for people who aren’t perfect (like me)  –

  • who have some imbalances in our muscles, bones, joints
  • who are really tight or really loose – or tight in some places and loose/weak in others
  • who want to go slow enough to get our bodies in alignment

And peaceful for everybody – 

  • Physical yoga is more than exercise – it’s a mindful path to knowing your own body, mind and spirit; and it’s preparation for meditation.
  • It’s a time to detach from all the other things that pull on your attention, and go within.
  • It’s time for self-care and self-compassion.
  • Everyone’s welcome, because beginners to advanced students are given time and instruction to practice at their levels.

Three Key Ingredients:







= YOGA THAT GIVES YOU RESULTS = More ability to do what you love

No matter the class size, Joan always makes me feel that she is honoring “my yoga”. She has a very gentle and playful way of guiding her students to better alignment. For me, alignment is key to peace in the pose. So many yoga classes today are about a fast paced workout, too often with little attention to the alignment, breathing and intention that bring the fullest experience to the student...
Katie Gray
The most important result/benefit for me has been a great improvement in flexibility and balance. Yoga with Joan is fun and instructive at the same time. Focus on individuals makes it feel like private lessons. I look forward to “me time”, the calmness and quiet. Keep doing what you’re doing – I enjoy the varied session work and always feel great no matter what we do.
Barry Markitell
The most important results I have gained are flexibility, followed by stress relief and balance. Yoga with Joan is a safe environment in which I’m guided to awareness of my body as it stretches and balances in ways it otherwise never would have a chance to do. Joan is very aware of the physical limitations of her students and works hard to accommodate them all. I never feel pressured to do anything outside my comfort zone. There is a good balance of work and relaxation. My favorite part of class is inversion pose at the end.
Barb Slatt

Ready to get started? Click on the buttons to go the yoga you need.


I’m ready to book a one-on-one yoga therapy lesson or have a complimentary phone consultation.

Group class

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Take me home with you!

Wouldn’t it feel good to do a little yoga every day?

  • Once you press “play,” you’ll follow through on that intention to stretch at home.
  • You’ve got me right there with you to remind you of alignment details.
  • Pick and choose tracks for a quick practice or do the whole thing for 66 minutes.
  • Well-rounded, safe, at a peaceful pace
  • Comes with a handy printable pose guide to place next to your mat
  • Portable yoga class!
  • You can download digital audio to your phone or computer, or stream via iTunes and many other streaming services.

Here’s what’s inside “Yoga with Joan” Guided Audio Practice:

Navigate through the tabs and learn.

Get Centered
  • Take a few minutes to s-l-o-w down.
  • Sit up straight without strain.
  • Practice ujjayi pranayama (victorious breath) to help you be centered.
  • You could do just this one part and still have a better day.
Warm Up & Core
  • Hip and leg stretches that feel good anytime
  • Strengthen and lengthen your psoas muscle group, the “deeper abs.”
  • Lengthen, stretch and twist your spine safely.
  • Set up your “down dog” in a way that keeps your rotator cuff happy.
Sun Salutations
  • Traditional practice to heat the body
  • Variations and progressive backbends 
Standing Poses
  • Learn alignment principles which can be applied to all other yoga postures.
  • Strengthen your feet, ankles, knees and hips, and build endurance. 
  • Challenge your balance with both feet on the ground.
Seated Poses & Twists
  • Balance (on your bottom).
  • Sitting up straight is a back strengthening exercise.
  • Twisting mobilizes the spine.
  • Stretch the inner and outer hip muscles.
  • Consistent practice of inverted poses (where the head is below the heart) lowers blood pressure, calms the nervous system, and improves circulation and digestion.
  • Options for beginners and more advanced students

Sweet rest!

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I feel more flexible. I like how good I feel at the end of your class. It’s informative, great workout and relaxing.
Sandra White
I gain improved flexibility and mind set. I feel the class is refreshing and motivating. The sequence of stretching, balance and meditation make the rest of the day enjoyable.
John Toen
You have changed me for the better and contributed to me becoming a better person. I am grateful for that.
Don Fletcher
Yoga with Joan is like having your own personal yoga instructor. She is friendly, caring, gets to know you and what adjustments you need to make for a particular pose, and is upbeat and encouraging. She’s the best!
Scott Withrow
This class helped me so much with back and hip pain. I don’t need to take the pain meds I took before.
Pam Rider
I come to class to gain more awareness of posture and more flexibility. Yoga with Joan is fun, and I when I leave class, my body feels refreshed and my mind is calm and relaxed. She always gives us time at the end of class to restore and relax our bodies.
Louise Krainer

Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga and My Approach

Here are some of the reasons you may choose a private lesson instead of group class:

  • You have nerve pain or numbness down your legs or arms.
  • Your pain is higher than 5 on a scale of 1-10.
  • You feel worse after a group class, either immediately during/after or for the next few days.
  • You’ve been attending yoga class(es) or practicing at home, and you want to use yoga to heal some nagging injuries.
  • You find that certain poses don’t feel good in class, and you want to learn how to do them in a different way.
  • You have a neurological or ear condition which impairs your balance and ability to be safe.
  • I really like to work privately – at least once – with people who have scoliosis so that we can “figure out your back” and help you practice safely.
  • You feel shy, private, or that you really want to focus on learning yoga on your own before joining a group.
  • You want to do yoga with me at your home, at work, or outside in nature (great idea!)
  • You need to meet at times other than the group class schedule.
  • You have anxiety or depression that increases in group situations.
  • You want to work on poses that are not covered in the general class.
  • We work collaboratively to discover your unique needs and make a plan to address them.
  • Thorough assessment of your stress, sleep, diet, posture, alignment and joint function. I watch you walk, stand, sit, twist and side-bend. I also check your feet and toes for correct walking function.
  • Homework – We identify a “yoga and lifestyle prescription” for you to implement at home. I give you pictures, videos or other ways to remember what to do.
  • Follow up – We stay in touch to see how you progress and adjust the plan as needed.

I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. All students are advised to follow guidance from their medical team. 
That said, many people who have back pain, or other musculoskeletal discomforts and injuries, can practice some yoga safely.  In fact, there are many research studies that state that yoga is very effective treatment for some people with back pain. Alignment-based yoga is very safe because you move slowly and seek to find the best placement of your limbs. This creates length and space in the spine, and helps prevent further "wear and tear" on our joints. YOU ARE IN CHARGE of how far to go in each pose.
Depending on the severity of your injuries or restrictions, you may benefit from private lessons. Please see the question above about that. 

Here's the link to the class schedule and here's the link to book a private lesson. If you're still not sure, use this link to book a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

I would like you to wear something that shows you and me your feet, ankles, knees and hips. I don't care if they are old shorts you've had for 20 years, or $100 yoga leggings. The important thing is to see your bones so that you can practice effectively and I can guide you. I may sometimes ask you to tuck in your shirt so I can see your hips. If wearing tights/leggings or tucking your shirt in makes you feel uncomfortable, of course, don't let it keep you from coming to try yoga. Come as you are. 

Here's an old yoga quote: "The antics (of the mind) seems to be like that of a monkey that has consumed alcohol, is then bitten by a scorpion and then again is possessed by a demon/spirit."

So you're not alone in feeling distracted and that's it hard to focus. In fact humans have been feeling that way since before cell phones, emails, cars, TVs and electricity.

That's why we do yoga! 

If you've never played piano, you don't expect to be perfect the first time. Calming the mind takes practice and gets easier with time.

I 100% respect and honor your needs. There are many yoga teachers, styles, philosophies and approaches. I want you to be happy and find what works for you.

Here's some reasons you might not like my approach:  

  • It's essential to feel you got a hard workout. (Like if you don't sweat through your shirt, you won't feel good about your experience.)
  • You don't want me to look at your body and try to help you individually. You're more comfortable being in a big class where the teacher doesn't correct your alignment.
  • You don't really feel comfortable with the old, spiritual parts of yoga.

If you're still on the fence, consider this: Yoga doesn't have to be fast to be challenging. You can work the body deeply and sweat by holding poses longer, with focus on the details. 

As for the old, spiritual part of yoga, I didn't come looking for that either. I came to yoga for the same reasons most people feels good and it helped me de-stress. The spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation have come into my life gradually, peacefully, and naturally. So that's how I try to share it!

I don't offer that, but you can get all the support you need when you purchase through

Buy “Yoga with Joan” Guided Audio Practice

$ 30
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