Hi, I’m Joan Craig…



My goal as a yoga therapist and wellness coach is to help you make your body feel good so that you can do what brings you joy. And along the way, I hope you get a feeling of inner peace and joy too.

I help you take simple, practical action steps based on science, direct experience, and your inner wisdom.

I am a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, which means I completed a biomechanics intensive with the Gray Institute, world leaders in functional movement assessment and programming. I know how to assess and improve movement in an integrated, holistic way, seeing all the body parts connected and working together.

I’m also a Certified Yoga Therapist, with experience using yoga to help restore function when people have musculoskeletal injuries or pain. I trained in the alignment principles of yoga under the mentorship of Lillah Schwartz, who studied with BKS Iyengar in Pune, India. I am certified in Functional Manual Reaction, which means I can use my hands to help you move more efficiently.

I am so grateful to study meditation with Roy Eugene Davis at the Center for Spiritual Awareness.

I served in the US Peace Corps Honduras as a water and sanitation volunteer and am fluent in Spanish.

My work and my play intersect a lot! I love to be outside, dance, laugh, and listen to my sweet husband play music. My mom and I volunteer with SC Adopt-a-Stream each month to monitor water quality and wildlife in the Lake Cunningham watershed in Greer, SC.

Choose Joyful Health is my personal motto and mission, and I do my best to remember that every day and every moment it is a CHOICE.

icon-about-profile2I also maintain the following certifications/memberships:

A percentage of Choose Joyful Health profits supports the health of our planet and all her creatures, great and small.

Please note that as a yoga therapist, I am NOT a licensed medical professional and can not diagnose or medically treat illness or disease.